On the road


these are the stops… thank you maps.google.com for the screenshot..

routehappily couch-surfing  since we left austria : )


We heard that many families are thinking it would be impossible to travel with young children or babys, maybe they are even afraid of it.

..we made quite good experiences now, and I share with you, how we made it possible and enjoyable!

some key-elements we cared for:

  • traveling
    • we sticked to the plan, to avoid toll roads
    • we traveled a maximum of 3-4 hours per day
    • had time to go for a wark everyday, exploring the surrounding of our friendly couchsurfing-hosts – or some random area along the way (when Hayam woke up and could not stand staying in the car any longer)
    • started driving when Hayam was ready to sleep
    • used most of the traveling time for Hayams nap
  • transporting and useful stuff
    • we had a small transporter/van
    • we had a box-system and a backpack
      • one pile of boxes with food
      • one pile of boxes with cloths
      • one backpack
    • we brought our blender
      • to prepare good raw meals & snacks for the journey(transported in little colse-able buckets) every now and then
    • 2 boxes of bananas, as traveling snacks
  • some social aspects
    • we brought our firend Miriam and her dog Mimi
      • had nice conversations with Miriam and play with Mimi (especially Hayam)
    • using couch-surfing, we got to know wonderful and different people in random towns

i might update this ..

feel free to post comments and questions! also about things that you were strugeling with, or things that you worry about if you think about traveling.. maybe we found a solution for it and I’m just not aware about it right now (as I’m in the process of finding a long-term place to stay and making first connections here)