hallo, wir sind Bea, Cristof, Hayam und Linnja!

Ihr könnt uns hier eine Nachricht senden, egal worum es geht:

– ob Wild-Kräuter und (roh-)vegane Ernährung als Famile und in der Schwangerschaft

– ob Bewegung, Stimme und Tanz als Inspiration für den Alltag oder bei konkreten persönlichen Herausforderungen

– ob Pflanzenkohle, Kompostoptimierung für glücklicheres Boden- & Pflanzen-Leben und ertragreicheres Gärtnern & gesündere Ernten ..oder einfache Möglichkeiten Pflanzen-Kohle herzustellen und die anfallende Abwärme vielfältig zu nutzen

Wir freuen uns auf den Dialog mit Dir/Euch : )

hi, we’re Bea, Cristof, Hayam and Linnja!

You can send us a message here, whatever it might concern:

– wild-herbs and (raw-)vegan nutrition as a family and in pregnancy

– Movement, Voice and Dance as Inspiration for everyday-life and in specific personal challanges

– Bio-Char, optimizing composting-process for happier Soil- & Plant-Life ..and more productive gardening & healthier harvest ..and simple possibilities / devices to produce Bio-Char and making use of the released heat in variuous ways

We’re looking forward to the dialogue with you! : )

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Cristof Jellinek
Robert-Stolzgasse 3, 2344 Ma.Enzersdorf
+43 (0)681 10311947

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Flip Flow Family


Terra Preta and multifuctional ovens for bio-char pruduction






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Family Workshop/Playgroups: “Flip-Flow”

..and welcome

congratulations to those who follow this website from now on..

they will witness a structure, as it is growing chaordicly


our main focus is to grow our child and relationship, and our projects – aiming to live creative in harmony with human, animal, plant and planet.
.. somewhere among the sub-focuses is this website

here we want to give picture, sound and taste of our holistic and interconnected approaches to (watch out, chaordic list ahead!)
+ nutrition
+ art of movement
+ art of rising children (and struggle with topics that are related to this)
+ soil-improvement through bio-char
+ THE family-project (might sound trivial, but trust me, it’s more than you think)

as a start we might post some impressions and developments of our 6-months Catalonia-experience – which is dedicated to clarify our way and bring us forward on it.

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