Trip to Emotional Management Training

Hey ho.. i’m on a journey to a training about emotional management.. i’ll keep you up to date every now and then.

The training is about
.. release of emotional tensions – often via laughing, crying, yawning or shaking – symptoms of hormonal and neurologic rearrangement which allowes clearer feeling and thinking thus action-taking afterwards
..and also about cultivating group-culture which replaces emotional violence and oppression by sensitive and creative ways of communication and dealing with emotions

We’re very curious what exactly we will learn, and looking forward to share it with you when we come back and also to put it to practise in interactions and collaborations ; )

—————- Day -3  —————-
We’re going by car, arrived to munic now and should the venue in Spain by 20st October 18:00 ; )

—————- Day -2 -1 —————-
19th oct. 22:00

..very vital conversations with a hitch-hiker Max, who joined us in the car for some hours (moving around to visit different communities and initiatives)

He Tells us amongst other things about “Notre dame de landes” where people squat a place since years to block the constructions of an airport!

And also about “Longo mai” a network of collaborating producer-communities who consider their work as political and therefore do it open and welcoming visitors (one place in austria as well)
..reminding me of “die hupfauer”, a similar collective of producers spread over different countries centered in upper austria ..

—————- Day 0 —————-
Well.. we arrived safe and in time.
Got to know Greek, Romanian and Spanish participants a bit.
Met English, Norway and Swedish people ..some from Denmark are still missing.

—————- Day 1 —————-
Today we had a nice input (theoretical but with some involvement) about a way of differenciating between feelings and emotions.. and how it relates to behaviour
..and constructive and destructive ways to react on behaviour…

In the afternoon we had a long session, to hear and ask a little bit about everyone, for personal presentation.

At dinner i had the pleasure to join and assist a little when Daniela (from Austria) and Julia (from Hungary) prepared a beautiful session ful of crazy movement expression and impro-theatre games for the evening-program.
It was a good balancing closing of the day, which according to participants feedback was making them comfortable with each other and surprised them how free and crazy they behaved amongst strangers.

—————- Day 2 —————-

Good overview about neurological process of digesting/accumulating information and experiences, especially in & after situations of overwhelm.

Kapitalism and other -ism’s inpact on mental health, feelings and emotions.

Theory about thresholds and steps towards emotional release and first exercises in counseling.

Followed by a co-created evening of music-jamming based on voice with a few instruments later on. Lots of nice improvised tunes with some laughing-extasy close to madness.

Closed the day (late night) with a short movement-session of exercises to efficiently achieve relaxed body, mind and feelings in order to make most out of the few sleeping-hours.

—————- Day 3 —————-

Excursion to santander in individual selforganized groups.. little round through city.. walk along the beach to cliffs.. picknick and a bit of cutting my hair ; )
Swimming on the way back to the bus..

After dinner i offered a contact impro dance session from 22:00 until 1:00 ..for more than 12 people, of which 8 stayed until the end.
Nice bow from safety-basics to some technical & attention input with spiritual parallels leading into observation practise and dancing in different constellations .. closing with group reflections about our bodies amazing possibilities to experience our soul and heart meetings.
: ) super feedback from the participants, stunned about the experiences and interactions they had, the movements and dances they did and about the fact that they didn’t get tired.

—————- Day 4 —————-

Group and couple games to understand and play with Counseling-theory and coaching qualities.

Emotional management as a practise with its elements and in its context with supporting elements as a holistic strategy.

More exercising time followed by Demonstration sessions about counceling and emotional release.

We made the decision to shorten tomorrows excursion in favour of extra input/practise session.

Relaxed evening with some chatting at the venue and walking to the village.

—————- Day 5 —————-

Visit to a little village…
Chilling and playing and chatting at the beach and

Good intensive emotional release input in the evening
Technical.. methodic

Chilled evening
Tiredness seams to arrive in the group and the departureday is comming closer

—————- Day 6 —————-

Info and practice session about writing project-applications

…presentations and feedback
Evaluation, certificates and farewell…

—————- Day 7 8 9 —————-
2 days of long drive.. random sleeping in the car.. heavy rain and wind on the route through Germany.
arrived to friends in austria after 4 am yesterday morning.
Finally good sleep
And arrived back home in the afternoon.

Today we will reflect and share in a small round and brainstorm about ways to distribute what we learned..

—————- some days later —————-
Uh days go by!
It was a nice little session of giving an introduction..
Supported by an exercise which we got to know in spain, but develloped further to give opportunity for more learning and getting familiar with the basics of counseling.

In the mean while i had the opportunity to apply this and that of what i learned in some situations…
..when dealing with & supporting myself
..when being present for someone who was in emotional tension and releasing
..when in conversation to give more chance to allow the flow to go towards counselling or simply listening deeper, giving more space and caring for fair-share in the interaction.

I’m very much looking forward to coming opportunities.. may it be in surprisingly appearing situations or in intentionally organised meetings for one-on-one practise or presentation/introduction for a group of interested people : )