the CHAR*ity-Event..

contributing to regeneration of our planetary eco-system, locally and globally!

We’re happy and celebrate – and with us, celebrates atmosphere and soil – and everything in between!

Making Bio-Char benefits nature, human and community without compromise, but win-win-win.

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this work “CHAR*ity-Event” is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) by Cristof Jellinek

With this feature your event can accomplish a CO2-Minus !

The advantages for us human beings:
Bring your dry, garden residues which are rich in carbon to the CHARity-Event.
..and bring them back home after they were up-graded to bio-char!
These garden-residues are valuable resources – disposal or burning to ashes would be squandering.

Close to smoke-free fire
Allows nose and eyes to enjoy the experience!

Beautiful come-together
Various additional items of the events-agenda are supported by the nature-connecting ambient of open fire.

The casual Bio-Char production
provides the event with additional meaning and depth

The advantages for the global ecosystem:
The generated Bio-Char
..supports composting processes – and furthermore the soil-life (which in turn supports plant, animal and human life) over thousands of years.

CO2 negative event!
even though the fire emits some CO2, that is far less than the plants (which are now transformed to bio-char) were absorbing from the atmosphere during their life-time.

Close to smoke-free fire
produces far less and more harmless emissions than usual bonfires.

The Bio-Char, the Key-Element, connecting so many aspects for multiple Win-Win-Win situations. mainly carbon, which remains in solid form – therefore won’t become CO2 again composting additive, changing many factors to the better for soil-life and plants (and therefore also improves animals & humans nutrition)

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How was that about the CO2-circle ?
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Why CO2-negative?
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What improves for Soil-Life and Plants?
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Which foundations for life are improved in which way?
Humusrich vital soil is essential for..
..our subterranean water: filtering and detoxifying functions for polluted (rain-)water
..our nutrition: 1, as water-storage in soil 2, as foundation, substrate, for naturally cultivated plants

Necessary elements for the CHAR*ity feature:

.. sufficient water or appropriate for extinguishing of the ambers
.. enough distance to trees and hedges
.. well burning garden residues – at site, or brought by guests from their gardens
.. a bonfire place

.. the bonfire place can optionally be realized as conic “Kon-Tiki” pit:
– the size of the pit is at least as big as a usual bonfire place, but it can be up-scaled according to taste and requirement (depending on available biomass for charring and desired frequency of CHARity-Events). The combination of 2 small pits is an interesting option!
– very moist soil or high level of subterranean water can compromise the setting up and operating of the fire-pit.

My offer

With many years of bio-char production-experience I’m happy to support not only in questions and implementation around selection and preprocessing of material, arrangement and scaling of elements in space, but also in coordination, preparation and flow of the event and last but not least the firing-process and advice related to quality-control and use of bio-char.

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Knowledge transfer through vivid workshops, which are rich in theory & practise  (for various groups of participants, from school-classes to diverse groups)

Building Prototypes of Bio-Char producing ovens which make use of excess heat through thermal mass, cooking/baking and warm-water functions.

building bio-char producing up-cycling ovens from metal-waste tins which allow use of excess heat in outdoor-kitchen as described in Carbon Kitchen but also make a nice impression as beautifully designed smoke-free fire-place for warming-up or for producing a portion of barbecue-ambers.

Cristof Jellinek