carbon kitchen

Carbon Kitchen

You’d like to have the outdoor-kitchen for party or festival beeing operated on Bio-Char-PRODUCING ovens?

..producing Bio-Char, which will help optimizing compost and gardening-soil and therefore help achieving rich and high quality yields for generations to come! – but bio-char can also be used in many other, various ways!

clean burn - no smoke during operation / cooking
clean burn – no smoke during operation / cooking

[saubere Verbrennung – kein Rauch wärend des Betriebes/Kochens]

A nice side-effect is, that atmospheric CO2 is reduced in 3 ways:

1, Bio-Char is conserved bio-mass (which was CO2 before the plant was growing)
2, Bio-Char (when added at the start of the composting-process) helps turning fresh composting-material into persistant humus (up to 90% composting-efficiency instead of just ~55%) so your compost-pile will emmit less CO2, but store that carbon (which was CO2 before that plant-material was growing)
3, the resulting soil helps plants to grow healthier and quicker -> they consume more CO2 from the atmosphere!


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This gives 3 additional reasons to celebrate at your Party / Event / Festival!

-> We produce multi-purpose useful Bio-Char : ) ..which supports life in comost and resulting soil and therefor supports plant- and plant-depending lifeforms (including us) for many generations
-> We reduce atmospheric CO2 : ) ..most of the bio-char is extremely resistant and not bio-DEGRADEABLE (but: supporting biological activity) – therefore that carbon is not available to become CO2 again for at least some 1000 years
..on top of that, happy soil and plants capture even more CO2! : )
-> We don’t emmit fossile CO2 : ) the CO2 which we emmit from our clean burning ovens comes from CO2-neutral biomass

The dry weight of the bio-char which we produce is measured and documented.
At our last mission we produced 18kg – which equals 50kg of CO2 which is preserved in solid form and won’t return to the atmosphere !

Option 1: I’m happy to support your kitchen-team to change from fossile-fuel-operated tools (which emmit CO2) to bio-char producing bio-mass ovens (which sequester CO2).
Option 2: I’m happy to come to your event with a routinized kitchen-team.
Option 3: I help you starting up your carbon-kitchen-team – to offer the carbon-kitchen-service to events.

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Cristof Jellinek