Bio char and home made Terra Preta in 10 Steps

temptating bio char
pyrolysed remainings of an Apple (for the sake of art) practice Bio-Char is produced from organic waste material !

 Bio-Char, Terra Preta and Benefits in 10 Steps

Basic Practise & Know-How

  1. collect & dry biomass, (wood, bamboo, dry cow sh*t, …)
  2. make a fire – safety first ; ) – and well ventilated for clean(smokeless) burning
  3. take out the embers
    only those pieces without flames/smoke (biomass which is thoroughly pyrolysed)
    and put them in water!
  4. celebrate with friends & family that you reduced atmospheric CO2 !
    ~3.5 times the bio-chars dry(!) weight – hard to find out, now that its soaked : )
    (even char that appears to be dry will contain a lot of moisture which makes it heavier)
  5. create a compost-pile by add minimum one bucket of bio-char to every 20th bucket of kitchen/garden-waste (for an effective minimum ratio of ~10% in the resulting soil.)
    it seems to be impossible to overdose, but better to create the maximum of soil with the available char
  6. turn the compost-pile over (one or two times per week) to support 1, ventilation for quick & ideal composting and 2, soil-life of various scales & forms (microorganism, fungi, worms and ‘bugs’)
    use breathable cover to keep it moist enough
  7. when compost transformed into nice humus rich soil, mix it into your vegetable-beds or create new beds from your pure “home-made terra preta” support your veggie, but also trees in a way they never experienced before!
  8. celebrate with friends & family that you, as the top of the food-chain supported the very bottom of the food-chain (the beneficial microorganism and mycelia which plants depend on!)
  9. get plenty, big, nutritious and rich food in return, which will make & keep you, your friends & family healthy, strong and happy
  10. teach your friends & family how to do the same, until we reduced CO2 & turned climate back to normal, to prevent sea-level-floods and extinction of many life-forms (human included)
  • For more details on theory & practical variations of the different steps of the process and other applications of Bio-Char (water filtering, closing circles of matter and energy flow)…
  • ..but most of all to gather more people of your area, make them understand & experience the practice & theory of Bio-Char and also the history of Terra Preta ..
  • .. and finally to organize a “local Bio-Char & Terra Preta Support-Group” in your area, connected to other groups around the globe

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